Marriage and family therapy

Course Text: Wetchler, J. L., & Hecker, L. L., & (Eds.). (2015). An introduction to marriage and family therapy. (2nd ed.). New York, NY: Routledge Taylor & Francis Group.
Chapter 14, “Special Topics in Family Therapy: Mental Illness, Physical Illness, Substance Abuse, Family Violence, and Divorce” (pp. 469-475)
Article: Hetherington, E. M., Bridges, M., & Insabella, G. M. (1998). What matters? What does not? Five perspectives on the association between marital transitions and children’s adjustment. American Psychologist, 53(2), 167–184. Retrieved from the PsycARTICLES database. (AN 1977-38813-007)
Article: Taanila, A., Laitinen, E., Moilanen, I., & Järvelin, M. (2002). Effects of family interaction on the child’s behavior in single-parent or reconstructed families. Family Process, 41(4), 693–708. Retrieved from the Academic Search Premier database. (AN 9068767)
Article: Drew, L. M., & Silverstein, M. (2007). Grandparents’ psychological well-being after loss of contact with their grandchildren. Journal of Family Psychology, 21(3), 372–379. Retrieved from the PsycARTICLES database. (AN fam-21-3-372)
Article: Bowyer, S. (2007). Coping with divorce and separation. Community Care, 1689, 24–25. Retrieved from the Academic Search Premier database. (AN 26795129)
Two articles from the Walden Library published in peer-reviewed journals in the last five years that each examines a different issue affecting families who may enter the counseling setting and that discuss potential effects on the members of a family
For this Application, you will consider different perspectives on final separation or divorce and the potential impact that this step may have on various members of a family. You will compare perspectives on specific potential impacts of divorce and defend a perspective you feel to be the most sound.

To prepare for this assignment:

Review this week’s Learning Resources.
Reflect on the ways that divorce may affect various members of a family in counseling.
Think about the theoretical perspectives on divorce and the factors relating to each that may have an impact on families undergoing divorce.
Review the DVD segment “Issues Related to Couples and Families,” with Drs. Pete and Linda Palmo, focusing on the insights as to how divorce and/or final separation may impact members of a family. Link to video:…
username and password to view the video: [email protected] Maurelton88

The assignment: (1–2 pages)

Analyze two different perspectives on a particular way that divorce may impact families.
Provide specific examples to support your analysis, either from experience, observation, or the media.
Compare the perspectives and defend the perspective you believe to be most sound.

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