Managing Information Technology

In this assignment, you are required to complete two tasks:

  1. The answers to the case study questions.
  2. Annotated bibliographies for five (5) academic journal articles that have been written about the eBusiness issues identified in your case study. The articles must from 2014 – 2020.

Your assignment will be a maximum of 8 pages.


Many managers would be reluctant even to mention competitors, much less provide their competitor’s prices to potential customers. In about 200 words, outline Progressive’s reasons for showing competitors’ prices and analyze the costs and benefits of doing so. 2. In the chapter, you learned that it is important for a company to present an image consistent with its philosophy, principles, and identity on its Web site. In about 100 words, explain how Progressive does or does not accomplish this objective. 3. Visit the Progressive Web site and assume you are a potential customer who needs insurance for a used car you plan to buy. Evaluate the usability of the site and write a report of about 100 words in which you describe your experience. Be sure to mention specific site features that were or were not helpful and conclude with an overall impression of the site’s effectiveness.

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