Management Studies (Saga Rose)

On 11 June 2008, a motorman found an experienced petty officer lying at the bottom of a ballast tank on board the passenger cruise ship”Saga Rose”.

With references to the MAIB report of the incident and suitable management text; on principles that were discussed during the course.

1) Identify and analysis the areas in which failures of management occurred.

2) Explain how these failures ultimately lead tenth death of an experienced seafarer.

3) Analysing and applying the theories and principles taught during the course, retrospectively what changes should be made to both the personnel and shipboard management on the Saga Rose, thus preventing both the fatality of the Bosun and the collapse of the motorman.

4)Without reference to the ‘Saga Rose’, discuss how as a Chief Officer you could effectively implement a positive appraisal system on board your vessel and the benefits it would provide to both yourself and your crew.

5) Standard of presentation and good use of sources of information.




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