Management Information Systems (MIS)

This activity will challenge you to research, read, synthesize, and provide an analysis on Management Information Systems (MIS) as it relates to you and your field. You should understand information systems are everywhere.

In fact, both the Shopify blog and the Shopify MIS encyclopedia provide an example of how Information Systems (IS) is used and how they, as an eCommerce system, can support business needs. By reviewing current news, you can infer how IS relates to their future fields.

In this activity, you will need to locate some recent news articles (no more than 6 months old) on organizational information systems. Of the news articles, select one, then post the link in the discussion forum.

Definitions should be research articles or reputable news/papers sources from online. You are not limited to Shopify blog and its MIS encyclopedia; you are welcome to search online. Make sure you are meeting the requirements in this paragraph.

Requirements: What do I post?
Along with the link, write a 300-500-word narrative summary of the article, include your personal definition of MIS and the definition (cited in APA) based on the articles. In addition, provide 1 additional cited APA style definition.

You should NOT copy and paste. You should summarize the cited definition- as a college student you do not and should NOT need to directly quote but instead indirectly summarize what the definition is to provide topic understanding. As a College student, you should avoid using dictionary definitions.

By completing this activity, you should be able to explain how various components of MIS and IS relate to industries in business today.

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