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Students are expected to complete a final Argument/Synthesis paper over one or more of the authors and their writing styles. This paper should focus on the writings and themes the authors focus on the most in their works of literature. Especially examine the authors’ motivations and reasoning for their internal focus of events with the piece of writing and the external focus from which the ideas may have originated. This paper needs to have an argumentative tone that proves a side that is being taken about the author/authors. Especially examine the author’(s) life or events in the life and thus be able to prove that life really did shape the story and the character contained within. The paper should be 2-4 pages and have support from the outside that proves the stand being taken. Additionally, the author of the paper needs to acknowledge that another side or interpretation may exist from others who are also doing the analysis. You may need to do some research on the author to write this paper.

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