Luisa Valenzuela “Other Weapons”

Luisa Valenzuela “Other Weapons”

1-Why does Valenzuela tell the story of a revolutionary caught by the dictatorship’s army in this way?

2-Why does she want to highlight the differences between the stories we hear of revolutionary men and how they are tortured and what happens to the main character in this story? How does gender and violence against women factor in here?

3-Why does Valenzuela want to suggest that war violences against women are similar to the violences that many women experience in the home? Why does she want to correlate public and private experiences?

4-Were you surprised at the way the story turned out? Did you suspect she was a prisoner of war? If so, what clues did you get that suggested this to be the case?

5-Why does the torturer, who is a part of the dictatorship, come up with such a long-term plan to torture her? What does that tell us about the far-reaching effects of fascism and dictatorship?

6-Why does Valenzuela suggest that violence against women/disdain for women is one of the features of dictatorship/fascism/oppression? If this is the case then is it possible we can see some of these things in the U.S. right now?

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