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To write a multi-paragraph (1000 word) essay that analyzes one of the literary elements in Fahrenheit 451. This essay will engage the reader’s interest, assert an arguable thesis, and support the thesis with quotes, paraphrases, and summaries from the book that are correctly cited. Planning your Literary Analysis Essay Choose one of the following prompts about a literary element: Characterization: Take an ethical or moral approach to a character. Questions: Were the character’s actions ethical or moral? Why or why not? Characterization: A psychological approach to a character Questions: Did the character change? What motivated this change in the character? Setting: An analysis of the effects of the setting on individuals in the novel or on society as a whole. Questions: How did the use of technology affect the characters in the novel? How did the strong government control affect the members of society? Theme: An analysis of a character’s disillusionment, fall from innocence or break with social conventions. Theme: An analysis of the lack of intimacy or “attachment” in a character or in the society of the novel. How do you know there was a lack of intimacy? What caused the lack of intimacy? Formulate an arguable thesis related to your topic. Make a topical outline to show how you will support your thesis Submitting your Literary Analysis Essay Type your final draft, including your in-text citations and your Works Cited page. Save your final draft as a Microsoft Word Document and submit it on Canvas. Requirements An arguable thesis Logically organized support backed up with textual evidence from Fahrenheit 451 MLA formatting throughout (heading, header, title, margins, double-spaced) In-text citations that follow MLA formatting conventions The Concise St. Martin’s Guide; Ch. 16 or Purdue OWL: Link (Links to an external site.) Works Cited page The Concise St. Martin’s Guide; Ch. 16 or Purdue OWL: Link (Links to an external site.) DUE: Saturday, 11:59 + 1 day (if needed). * Sunday 1t 11:59 pm

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