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CJ 104 – Introduction to Corrections 02.12 Learning Activity Assignment: All of the information below is important while conducting a pre-sentence investigation (PSI). Answer the following questions as if you were constructing a PSI for John. Be sure to explain your answers and provide detail. What points of information do you think are most critical from the information noted below? Who would you talk with first when conducting the PSI? Who would be second and third on your list? What other information/issues would you seek to determine when constructing the PSI? How would you go about determining them? How likely do you believe it is that John will recidivate? Would you recommend John for probation or some sort of institutionalization (e.g., prison)? Backgound: John is a white male who has just turned 18 years of age. He lives in Los Angeles with his mother and two brothers. John’s father is currently in prison for aggravated assault and is not expected to be released for several more years. John has recently been convicted of committing simple battery of another young adult. Police information indicates that John is suspected of being a member of a local street gang, and police believe that John’s offense was gang-related. This is John’s first offense, and he does not have the appearance of being a hardened youthful criminal. Further, John is known to occasionally talk with Father Mitchell, a local priest of the Catholic Church in the area. John has been noted to respect Father Mitchell’s guidance and advice; however, John’s brothers do not hold similar respect for the Church. In fact, one of John’s brothers is a known gang member. John is a senior in high school. At school, John is basically a quiet teen; he has a girlfriend, Miranda, who was expelled from school at one point due to drug use on school grounds. John has been labeled as having a math and reading learning disability by school administrators. John’s mother works at a local grocery store. She comes from the area, and, upon asking, you learn that most of the men in her family of origin were or currently are affiliated with a local street gang. John’s mother, however, has never had any official contact with the criminal justice system and has a completely clean record. She attends the same church that Father Mitchell presides over, and she is also active with a variety of church groups.

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