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lululemon is a popular yoga and activewear apparel company. The management and leadership challenges facing lululemon and write a report to the following questions. 1. What are the social and cultural factors impacting leaders within Lululemon? (450 words) – min 4 references 2. What are three recommendations that should be adopted by the leadership at Lululemon in managing people, raising morale, and ensuring improved motivation among staff? (700 words) – min 7 references 3. Using examples from the case what are the challenges confronting leaders/managers in today’s contemporary society? (1,100 words) – 10 references Task summary Examine and analyse the reading on the following page (Leadership, culture and transition at lululemon) and respond to three questions. The case material:- lululemon.pdf •References to other readings to support and contextualise your opinion is required. • You should have roughly 4 references per 500 words from the CQU library and Google scholar(general web sites are not academic sources). • Your report will be marked using the Case Study Rubric below. • APA style.lululemon Case Study(3)

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