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Prior to 9/11, intelligence and law enforcement were thought of as separate areas that did not necessarily overlap. Law enforcement is focused on bringing a criminal to justice, while intelligence is focused on national security and potential military action. , After 9/11 we changed the way we defined terrorism, and now we consider it both a threat to national security and criminal. Prepare a research paper that analyses the intersection and divergence of the intelligence and law enforcement communities. In your paper, you will: · Identify the agencies and types of organizations involved in law enforcement and in intelligence. · Identify the regulations that control law enforcement and those that control the intelligence community with respect to obtaining information and evidence, classic and electronic surveillance, questioning and capture. Compare and contrast. Consider the effects and reasons for these. · Review the history of cooperation (or lack thereof) between the two fields. Discuss changes, progress, and remaining hurdles. Present facts, research, and expert opinion to support your position. Your paper should be approximately 2,400 words, use at least 5 academic sources, and be formatted and cited in APA style.

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