Investigate the history of social movements in a specific country.


Investigate the history of social movements in a specific country and write 10 questions that you would like to ask

For this final project I want you to investigate the history of social movements in a specific country. For example,you pick USA, you talk about some of the main movements that have been fighting for equal opportunities.It has to be something related to the class.Lat’ say equal education opportunities for all.This means that you chose the pillar of education.I have included the link to the economic I statute of peace where you will find more information on the pillars of peace.Lastly,you have to write 10 questions that you would like to ask, let’ s say to our president,in regards to education.

First write the project proposal and include these informations below:

A- project proposal due 08/02/2020 at 11 pm



2. SOCIAL MOVEMENT related to the place you selected

3. ANY TOPIC (e.g. Education) related to the movement you chose

4. PILLAR/S OF PEACE from which you will conduct your research


You can pick any topic related to our class content (ace and ethnicity, Prejudice, Discrimination, Immigration, Ethnicity and religion, Nation as a Kaleidoscope), anything that you can analyze from a sociological perspective. It should be something you want to write on and something you can maintain interest in over the course of the writing process.


While writing down ideas for your project think about the following questions:

What country/state/city/town….etc did you choose?

What social movement did you choose?

What topic did you choose?

Which pillar/s did you choose and Why?

Who are you going to interview and Why?

Why are you interested in this topic?

What do you already know about the social movement and topic you selected?

What do you need to know/don’t know about the social movement and topic?

What is your research question?

What is the intended goal/purpose?

B- Body part of proposal requirement due 08/09/2020 at 11pm

1)First Part.

For the first part of this project, students will investigate the history of ethnic/racial social movements in a country of their choice and write a brief summary (write at least 2 pages). Search for a minimum of 4 academic articles, books or book chapters. The books and articles should come from sociology, history, and the different social science disciplines). Some of the questions students want to consider are: What does the literature say about social movements in the country you chose and about breaking social norms? What is the on the ground evidence about how activists have worked to ensure the success of the movement? What role does identity play for the movement? How technology has been used to intimidate people? How technology has helped the subordinate movements to effectively move people to act?

2)Second Part.

For the second part of this assignment, students will visit the Institute for Economics and Peace website


and write at least two paragraphs (or no more than 2 pages) to 1. explain how they can use the pillars of peace to measure peace in the country they have chosen 2. How they can use the pillars of peace to describe the impact of technology to activism, protest and dissent movements in the chosen country?

3)Third Part.

For the third part of this assignment, students will first research the life of the governor/president of the country they have chosen (write at least one page). Second, gather public opinion (write at least one page) to develop ten questions to ask to the governor/president. The first and second part of the project are necessary for students to come up with the interview questions. They have to research social media, history books, newspaper articles and documentaries to generate good interview questions.

Criteria for evaluation.

Successful projects will:

-use the required number and kind of sources

− answer the question(s) posed thoroughly

− support assertions well using sources

− use proper citation of sources

− be clearly written.


Alden Library

Economic Institute of Peace


Opportunity Atlas

Human Rights Watch


I would like you to choose a country or a movement you field confortable

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