Introduction to Literature

Details: Choose two of the questions below and discuss your experience going through this course and the content. Be sure to address your group work and reflection work as you consider your comprehension of literature.

Which assumption of yours were most challenged by what you learned in this course? Has it changed? How?
How do your accomplishments compare with what you had hoped for and expected at the start?
Which idea or skill was hardest to really “get”? What crucial idea or skill came naturally?
If this course were a journey, where did it take you? What was the terrain like? Was it a complete trip or part of a longer one?
What perspectives different from your own did you gain from this course that you now appreciate?

Rules of engagement for writing about literature (discussions and papers)

1. Using “I” and “me” (first-person) is permitted in discussions.
It is not permitted in papers. In papers, write only about the literature without including “I” and “me.”
2. To do well with literature, make a point, explain your interpretation, tell us your idea, and then—crucially—bring in a direct quotation from the text that made you have that thought or that supports your thought. Do this in discussions and in papers.
3. In discussions, you do not have to cite your source because we have all read the literature.
In papers, you must cite everything that you paraphrase or quote or state as fact. Citing requires an in-text citation and a reference citation on a References page, and everything must be APA formatted.

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