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Students enrolled in this course will be required to interview a licensed social worker in an agency that reflects your chosen field of pr Explain to them the purpose of the interview (class assignment and the paper you will write about the interview, etc). (Handout of the interview questions and requirements for the paper will be handed out in class & posted on Canvas) (minimum of 4pgs, this does not include the cover page.) *Due: DECEMBER 2, 2020 SWRK 1001: Interview Project Paper – DUE DECEMBER 2, 2020, worth 30 points For this assignment, you are required to interview a current social worker about their work. It is strongly recommended that you interview someone working in a field of practice that you are interested in. The social worker does not have to be licensed. Paper should be in APA style – Minimum of 4 pages. You are also required to submit your notes from the interview. These should be submitted via Canvas (There will be a separate Canvas box available for you to provide your interview notes). You are discouraged from merely emailing the questions to the social worker and having them type the answers. In your paper, please address the following topics. Use these exact headings (the bolded headings) in your paper: Introduction Provide an introduction to the social worker that you selected with brief background information (name, field of practice, how long in practice etc…). Please also indicate how you conducted the interview. What Was Learned? Describe your takeaways from this interview What surprised you, what didn’t Reflection How did you feel interviewing the social worker? Now, what do you think about the area of practice you are interested in? Future Goals How has this interview influenced your perception about a career in social work? Interview Questions Are you a BSW or MSW? Are you licensed and if so, what is your license? What is your social work field of practice? How did you wind up working in that field? What are your favorite parts of your practice? What are some of the biggest challenges? If you could choose another field of social work practice, what would it be? What do you wish you knew before starting your social work career? What advice would you give to brand new social workers? What do you do for self-care? Wild card: Question of your choosing Rubri

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