Interest Rates and/or the Federal Reserve

sign up for a one semester subscription to the Wall Street Journal online using the link: for the 15 week offer. Students may be required to enter their professor’s name (Clements) if they do the subscription. Each will provide eight 1 page summaries of articles found in the WSJ during the semester (staple or bind the articles with the papers, not just the internet links). The eight articles should cover each topic below. The summary should include the “who, what, when, and why” the article is important to investors in the financial markets. (i.e. who is involved, what is occurring, when the major issue Interest Rates and/or the Federal Reserveor any impact expected occur or when it occurred, and why it is important). For example: Stocks – can be an article on an individual stock or the stock market in general. Banks – can be an article on an individual bank or the banking industry as a whole.

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