Integrated Study Plan Families

Select atopicof study for a preschool class, based on the criteria that begins on page 375 in Who Am I in the Lives of Children? (Review the “Golden Rules” on p. 397) (15 points) Possible topics could be: · Author study (Eric Carle, Mo Willems, Mem Fox, etc.) · Seasons (NOT holidays) · All About Me · Families · Insects · Nutrition · Community Helpers · Transportation · Other? Then: Write a rationaleas to why this topic is developmentally appropriate based on the criteria in the text (15 points) List major understandings: 4-6 important ideas you intend children to construct by participating in this study. These should be worded as children might understand them, not as outcomes (see pages 417-418). (35 points) Activities: Include at least one idea for EACHof the following curriculum areas: (35 points) · Math · Science/Social Studies · Art (NOT A CRAFT!!!) · Literature (10 fiction and non-fiction children’s books) · Literacy · Music and Movement (5 songs and 3 finger plays) · Sensory Activity · Outdoor Activities

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