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Textbook here: Chapter 11,12,13,14 Purpose: Reflecting on what you read, research and experience has been shown through research as crucial to enhancing one’s meta cognition and overall learning experience. Thus, this individual reflective assignment is meant to provide an opportunity to self-reflect and write about what you experienced and learned in this module. Suggestions to Prepare: As you complete the readings, I suggest jotting down some key “take aways” or reflective thoughts you have about what you read. The goal is NOT to recall facts or information from the chapter, but instead to reflect on what you think about it. Finally, how do you connect or disconnect with this information. Instructions: Reflection: Please compose a reflection describing 3 major points that you took away from this module. While content is important to reflect upon, you may also reflect upon something new you learned about yourself. Your reflection does not have to be about or encompass each chapter we covered during the module. The goal is to communicate what resonated with you from what we covered. Connection: Write down how the information fits into your prior knowledge or communicate how this information connects to you personally. For instance, can something you learned relate to your everyday life? A connection doesn’t necessarily have to be a positive experience. You can also identify how you previously or still disconnect with what you are learnin

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