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The purpose of this exercise is to help you learn how to write policy for a business, no matter if you’re in HR or management. For this assignment:

1. See the directions and information for Assignment #2 in the Link below.

Assignment 2 – Workplace Bullying Policy.docxPreview the document

2. Following are resources to help you write your company policy:

Click on the link below to access a document written by a legal, anti-bullying expert.
Responding to Workplace Bullying Article.pdfPreview the document

Click on the link below to access several, short, YouTube videos.
Link (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Your policy will be graded on thoroughness, logic, clarity, and correct English grammar and mechanics.
I will submit each assignment to Safe Assign or Turnitin to ensure correct citation and no plagiarism.
Remember: The template in the Assignment 2 document above is not the only information you should include. The template only provides a basic format for writing a policy.

Additional information can be included if you want to receive a higher point tota

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