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I am needig help with a statistics project. The interential part to be specific. The paper should include Each student will submit a final draft that answers a specific question or questions about a population defined by interest. Inferential statistics should include the following points: (The Project Template is included on the final page of these instructions.) • Assumptions about the population, sampling distribution, or other facets of the investigation • Clear hypotheses (e.g., null and alternative hypotheses) about one or more qualitative or quantitative variables of a well-defined population • Findings: Analytical summaries such as confidence interval and/or P-value, including a proper interpretation • Findings: Speculation upon the meaningfulness of results, as well as the limits and/or consequences of any statistical inferences • Chapter 10 of our e-text provide helpful definitions, instructions and examples for completing Part II, formulating and interpreting hypothesis tests (chapter 10). I have attached the Descpritive part it should be based on and some of what I have come up with so far.sip-presentation indiviudal SIP Descriptive Draft Pedersen 6 (1)

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