Infant moratily Rate in the north and south side of Chicago

Data & Method 4-6 paragraphs, I will give you information

Discussion :4-6 paragraphs, I will give information for this as well.

Scatterplots- 3 full clear sentences

Means comparison table 1-2 paragraphs

Bivariate Results- 2 Paragraphs

Linear Regression table -2 paragraphs

See attached file for details


Writing science in plain English Anne Greene

For data and method, I uobtained all data from the Illinois Department of Public Health, Vital Statistics through the Chicago Health Atlas. We collected it by downloading the Excel spreadsheet under mortality, specifically infant mortality. For our selected community areas, we used the numbers that Chicago health Atlas used to code them in our SPSS file. To conduct our statistical analysis, we used SPSS software.…

Take a look at the attached document, it goes into detail. If you find articles please attach to this for the discussion portion.

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