Independence movement, the founding fathers, revolutionary war

Select the three most significant individuals, communities, or events that we covered in class this semester, and construct an argument explaining their significance that makes a clear central claim about American history. Your essay should have a clear thesis statement and a logical argument, and it should support the argument thoroughly by citing evidence drawn from the course materials (readings, lectures, and discussions). Your goal should be to formulate a coherent argument about the American past using this semester’s course materials. Note that the assignment does not define the meaning of the term “significance” here. That will be up to you, although we will discuss several different ways of defining historical significance over the course of the semester. Essays should be 1400-1500 words long (about five pages), double-spaced, word processed. Your essay must cite its sources thoroughly using MLA citations, and it should include a works cited page. I chose the revolutionary war, Founding fathers and independence movement you can change one or two if needed to fit the independence movement theme. try tp source the eric foner book if possible as it was used in class. Ill tip extra if possible

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