Increasing Minimum Wage.

Increasing Minimum Wage

critical thinking essay 750+ words

  • A thesis topic is a question you are going to address.
  • This list of references are those you will be relying of for you paper; these references should provide the basis for alternative views/answers on your thesis question, based on economic thinking/logic.
  • Offer a common presumption about a subject, and then offer an alternative view based on economic thinking/logic.
  • Example: Many believe minimum wage laws are used to correct a failure in labor markets, but, forcing higher wages actually interferes with the market system and leads to higher unemployment (These are the main points, and you would need to cite books and articles discussing these points).
  • The essay should be at least 3 pages (minimum 750 words total). you have to show both views and have references for both views also. The thesis should be:What is the effect of raising the minimum wage bill?
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