Improperly overbilling Medicare

To Tell or Not to Tell?
Read the scenario below and answer each question in 75 words or less.
Assume you are a nursing director for a nursing home. You’ve been working at your facility for a few short
months when you learn the company that owns the home has been improperly overbilling Medicare for
the care and services provided to your residents. You bring this to the attention of the company’s
managers, but they do nothing. You then notify the appropriate authorities (becoming a whistleblower)
and after becoming dismayed by the fraud and other problems at the home, you quit.
Question Short Answer
Explain why ethics are
considered so
important when
studying organizational
Dissect the
contingency approach
and give an example of
how it might be used in
this scenario.
Identify which type of
behavior overcharging
Medicare for care and
services provided to
patients would be
considered and explain
Analyze which choices
you have in an ethical
dilemma, such as the
one presented here.
Assess whether you
can rely on the legal
system to manage or
assure ethical conduct
in the workplace.

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