Identify possible product categories for which it is appropriate and those for which it is not.

The ability to compose clear, concise, well-organized, analytical reports is a key career skill for practicing engineers, and these assignments will allow you to hone your technical writing skills. The aim of the reports is to provide you an opportunity to investigate a manufacturing process of your choice in greater depth. These reports should be analytical in nature, and not merely descriptive. They can, for example, contrast and compare the chosen process with other possible processes in terms of achievable part tolerances, part strength and durability, required capital investments, fabrication costs, waste generation, environmental impact, product lifecycle considerations, and other key considerations.

The minimum requirements for these reports are as follows:

1.Title page with report title。

2.Abstract, providing a summary of the goals, key findings, and recommendations of the project.

3.Introduction: an overview of the project, adopted methodology, organization, and key findings of your investigations.

4.Methodology: describe the information sources you have consulted, and how you assessed and analyzed the information gathered from them.

5.Analysis: describe the comparative merits and shortcomings of the manufacturing process and identify possible product categories for which it is appropriate and those for which it is not.

6.Conclusion: summarize the key findings and recommendations of your investigation.

7.References: cite the information sources you have consulted with proper bibliographic details (more references are better, but if you choose a highly specialized topic for which only a small number of sources are available, state so in your report).

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