Identify possible alternative strategies to cope with the problem defined.

Coca-Cola’s Vending Machine

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We will read several cases in this class. The cases are chosen to highlight different aspects of marketing and their implication for marketing strategy. Cases are unlike most writing. They are not research articles, news articles, or nonfiction books. They do not make an argument or reach a conclusion. That is your job. Below, is a set of instructions for the case discussion; however, you need not restrict yourself to these guidelines, please feel free to add any info that you consider relevant and important. One thing to keep in mind is that the firm’s actual decision/ action in real life (which you might come across while you do your research) may not be the best approach.

The report must contain: a.) Central Problem: Define clearly and concisely the basic problem in the situation. b.) Analysis of Situation: What tools and concepts from this course can help us in analyzing the case? Include an Environmental Scan and a SWOT analysis for this company related to the problem of interest. c.) Identify Alternative Strategies: Based on the analysis in b., identify possible alternative strategies to cope with the problem defined in a. d.) Course of Action: Recommend courses of action. What’s Due: Prepare your own individual 3-4 page word processed overview of the case, covering the points listed above. (Make sure you include an Environmental Scan, a SWOT analysis, and at least 2 alternative strategies).

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