Identify and explain the core marketing concepts.

Using one of the companies/ products/ brands used in class, identify and explain the core marketing concepts. Describe and discuss the marketing strategy employed for one customer segment. This includes profiling one segment as a target market and each of the marketing mix elements employed to meet the needs of that segment.” Step 1 – Choose one of the companies / brands used in class. Select a product category or product line. Step 2 –Reviewing the company’s marketing communications and other researched data, IDENTIFY, the target market profile of one customer segment targeted by the company for the chosen with the Product category or Product line. Step 3 – Research the required information to complete the sections of the report as outlined below. Follow the rubric on page 3 as a guide to your headings. Use formal report format, that is, a title page, Executive Summary, Table of Contents including a numbering system for headings and sub headings throughout the report. Be sure to use both in-text referencing and a reference list in APA 6th edition format.

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