ICT for Climate Monitoring

Context This assessment requires student to understand the trending technologies, and their impact on the effectiveness and sustainable operation of organisations, considering security and privacy issues. Instructions Each week you were required to write a paragraph to address a few questions about the topic(s) covered in the respective week’s materials. In this assignment you are asked to revise your weekly writings to meet the requirements outlined in the rest of this guide and present your portfolio (collection) of writings in a professionally formatted MS Word document. You may need to refine, modify, or combine your weekly writings to address the requirement of the below questions. Take care to synthesise and/or rewrite external sources in your own words (i.e. paraphrase), and reference them appropriately, to avoid plagiarism. If in doubt about academic referencing, seek help from the Academic Skills unit (accessible from your Student Portal) and/or your Communications Lecturer. Keep the word counts prescribed for each Task. (±10% variation allowance applies for each Task.) 1. CREATE YOUR HYPOTHETICAL BUSINESS Consider the ITU News Report on ICT for Climate Action and the Digital Health National Strategy introduced in Week 1. Create a hypothetical business in either sector of: 1) ICT for Climate Monitoring; Or 2) Digital Health that addresses the first 2 key themes in the Digital Health National Strategy. Outline what your business will be, addressing the following questions: • What type of problem will your business solve? • Will you sell a product or provide a service? Describe them. • How will your product/service solve the problem with the help of technology (overview)? (200 words) Use the relevant readings and examples sourced under section Extra Resources in Weeks 1 & 2, as well as your own research for more ideas and examples to concretise your hypothetical business. For example, the Forbes article “Climate in the Digital Age” (Week 1) outlines the “See-Through Supply Chains” application that uses Blockchain to monitor the whole supply chain, combating problems such as illegal activities that damage the environment. (Hint: explore the examples and documents linked to this article as well, especially if you find an idea you are interested in). You do not have to come up with an “original” business idea, but your business must be in the prescribed sectors. 2. INFORMATION SYSTEMS, DIGITAL DISRUPTIONS AND YOUR HYPOTHETICAL BUSINESS Answer these questions about your hypothetical business: 1. Identify and describe 1-2 information systems you will have for your business. What types of 3 information systems are they? What are their roles in your business? What do they contain? (Hint: consider software, hardware, networks, procedures and people that make up the information system) 2. What do you see as emerging capabilities of these information systems? (Hint: would any of the technological trends in Week 2 enhance their functionalities or impact them in some way?) 3. In the context of digital disruption, what may be the strengths and weaknesses of your business?What may be its opportunities and risks? How might it benefit from digital disruption? Write 150 words about the information systems in your business and their emerging capabilities, and 150 words on how your business may benefit or face risks from digital disruption (150 + 150 words) 3. WHAT ROLE WILL THESE EMERGING TRENDS PLAY IN YOUR BUSINESS? Consider the emerging trends from the list below: • High Internet Speeds (NBN, 5G) • Cloud Computing • Mobile Apps • Robotics • Virtual Reality • Augmented Reality • Holograms • Internet of Things • Blockchain • Artificial Intelligence 1. Identify and describe at least 4 key technological trends from the above list that you can take advantage of in your business. 2. Explain their roles in your business and why they were chosen. For example, if you’re going to build a mobile app, apply AR and take advantage of the upcoming 5G network for your business, what will they do, what problems will they solve, how will they work together to solve those problems, how will they benefit the user? (1000 words) 4. USING OPEN DATA, BIG DATA and BI TO ANSWER YOUR BUSINESS Q U E S T I O N S Identify at least one business question that is critical to the making of the product(s) or providing of the service(s) of your business, and one open dataset that would help you answer this (or these) question(s). Explain how the chosen dataset can help you answer your business question(s), and why you chose this dataset. (Hint: use the Uber case study discussed in class as an example. What is a business question that is critical to their transportation service? What is an open dataset that can help them answer this question?) Consider how can business intelligence and big data be used and incorporated in your business. What is the role of big data here? (300 words) 4 5. CYBER SECURITY IN YOUR BUSINESS Identify the cyber security measures you will take with regards to the technologies you have chosen for your business in Weeks 2. Explain the reasons why you choose these measures. Discuss the importance of protecting data and taking security measures from an ethical perspective. (200 words) 6. SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT OF T E C H N O L O G Y Explain how the technologies you have chosen for your business may have an impact on society and environment sustainability. Discuss ways to minimise the negative impact. (200 words) 7. EMAIL COMMUNICATION (Related to Week 5 & Week 10) In the communication module you learned how to write an email using appropriate tone and structure. For this task, you are required to craft an email to respond to a situation in your hypothetical business. One of your staff has been rumoured to be using their IT equipment at work to use social media, video chat with friends and email gossip to other staff members. Write an email to this staff member to explain to them your company’s stance on these actions and any reprimand that may apply. Consider also the privacy issues that may be at play (150 words). 8. SOCIAL MEDIA COMMUNICATION (Related to Week 5 & Week 10) Imagine you are running the social media for your hypothetical business. What social media platforms would be appropriate for your business? Explain your choices in approximately 150 words (use references to support your choices). Now create 5 social media posts (image and text) that you would share on your social media accounts. Don’t forget to take on board the techniques identified in your concept book. Note: no word limit applies here but consider your purpose carefully. Additionally, as this is an academic task, you should still reference any content you use in your social media post that you have not directly created. Structure Your document must have a cover page with a title (BUSN111 assignment 3), your full name, student ID, workshop day/time enrolled, and your lecturer’s name Your document must have the following document headings in order 1- Table of content (must be automatically generated using the MS word’s TOC feature) 2- Create your hypothetical business 3- Information systems, digital disruptions and your hypothetical business 4- What role will these emerging trends play in your business? 5- Using open data, big data and bi to answer your business questions 6- Cyber security in your business 7- Social and environmental impact of technology 8- Email communication 9- Social media communication 10- Reference

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