Hypothetical antisocial behavior: bbullying in school

My hypothetical antisocial behavior incident is bullying. This is one of the number one things kids in school deal with today, and it comes in many forms. Whether its physical, emotional, or the worst one cyberbullying, it all is very harmful. One way to try and stop this, is the help of bystanders. Some of the time these types of bullying are seem by others and can be reported. If reported to the right person, hopefully the situation can get taken care of and fixed before any real damage is done. If the bullying goes unfixed for a long period of time, this could potentially damage the child for the rest of their life. If its online, someone can report the content, or bring it to an authority and have them forcefully take it down. If physical or emotional, hopefully the people involved can be separated to not see each other and possibly seek counselor sessions to resolve the issue or any harm caused.

There was a study done with male undergraduates, and they were put into a smoke-filling room. They were either put in the room alone, with two nonreacting others, or in groups of 3. The results were predicted and showed that groups were less likely to report the smoke when in the presence of others or in groups of 3 then when alone. It shows that the men interpretated the situation to not be harmful, when seeing the other men not react as well. It sort of calmed them down and deescalated the situation in itself. However, when they were alone with no one else, they sort of panicked and reported the smoke, not knowing what it was (Latane, B., & Darley, J. M., 1968).

After reading this study, I feel like this is similar to an in school/ in person situation. When a kid is picking on another kid, sometimes it can be seen as just joking or messing around and not seem like a big deal. Whereas behind the scenes, the kids being messed with is actually not okay and needs help. I feel as if others see the kid and no one else is reacting, they feel they do not need to react as well. But I think if I were in both the smoke situation and in school situation I may react the same as the others. Seeing other people be calm and deescalate the situation could change my mind. I would definitely be weary and cautious , but seeing others stay calm would sway my mind one way rather than the other.

I think a way to fix this is to simply report either way. Smoke could be good or bad but taking the safe way and reporting what you saw could save a lot of people. Reporting the kid getting picked on as well can save the kid from getting picked on, and stop the bullying.


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