Hypercapitalism at a glance

Research has shown that it is not possible to provide the living standards of the populations in rich countries to everyone in the world while maintaining a level of resource consumption that is globally sustainable. Some researchers claim that ‘hyper-capitalism’, i.e. the resource-intensive, current form of capitalism, which is only driven by the making of capital gains —but disregards its full environmental and social costs— is the root cause of today’s problems. Discuss and argue either for or against this claim, AND suggest and discuss one political and one economic change you would make to the current global model of capitalism, to make it sustainable. Provide supporting evidence justifying your stance.

Paper: A4, margins 2.5 cm; font: Times New Roman 11; 1.5 space (i.e. not double!) between lines. Please note that each word above the 2500-word mark should be carefully weighed, i.e. you can go 10% above it, but only if the added information is worth it. Writing just for the sake of adding words will impact your grade negatively. If you face any issues while working on this assignment do contact me as soon as possible. No excuses will be valid at the time near submission. Be sure to cite all the sources adequately and use quotation marks where needed. Otherwise this will be considered as plagiarism. This includes the use of graphs, tables, and other material.


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