Human nature.

1. Given that all religions have some validity, provided that the believer is sincere and devoted in his belief, what characters show sincerity and devotion, and why do they do it? When do they show piety in any of its forms, including filial piety? When do characters show a lack of piety or sincerity or devotion?

2. If one can grasp the meaning of life only through great struggles, endurance, much suffering, and the life-long pursuit of learning, in what ways does Monkey show endurance through struggle and suffering? Is he forever learning, and if so, what is he learning?

3. Human nature can be seen not only seriously but also comically. What episodes show the comic aspects of humans or other beings or creatures? When is Monkey a comic character? When does Monkey show human frailties and failings? Is anyone else a comic character? If so, when and how?

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