How would you hold violators accountable?


Geofencing: How would you like get a “ping” on your cell phone as you walked around a corner into a store aisle of your favorite supermarket? As you walk down the potato chip aisle, you get a phone alert. Given that you HAVE TO OPT IN to receive these pings:

  • How would you like Starbucks to send a coupon for your favorite drink to your cell phone when you are within 1/2 mile of a Starbucks store?
  • How would you liked to be notified when your child gets outside a physical boundary?
  • You’re researching the newest plasma TV models via Google, video reviews, social connections, and online consumer reports. You decide on a product, then researches local retail outlets where you can make your purchase. As you walk into a store, how would you like to receive a push notification from one of your apps, informing you that you can get this TV for a better price at a store you had been to before?


This is geofencing–a new Challenge of the Digital Age!

  1. What security and privacy concerns can you think of with this technology?
  2. Other than hefty fines, how would you hold violators accountable?
  3. What incententives would you provide for responsible use of geofencing?
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