How would you characterize your country’s response to globalization?

Globalization in Cuba

I need help with these questions. The country I have chosen is Cuba.

Please answer the following questions in your essay:

1. How would you characterize your country’s (Cuba) respond to globalization? (Chapter 5, section 5.6)

2. Has the state implemented neoliberal policies? If so, what specific policies have they implemented and over what period of time?

3. If the state has not followed the Washington Consensus and embraced neoliberalism, what has been their alternative approach to globalization?

4. What has been the outcome of globalization and neoliberalism (or the country’s chosen alternative) in your country? Who have been the primary winners and/or losers of these policies?

The primary concepts to be addressed in this paper are: political economy, with emphasis on market systems, as well as globalization. These concepts are discussed primarily in Chapter 5, although earlier readings may also be helpful.

You must also use at least three academic, governmental, and/or media sources.

▪ Academic journals, major national or international newspapers, major online news organizations, databases, etc.

Formatting: This essay should be 3 pages, typed, double-spaced, in a standard 12 point font. Cite your sources according to the style you know best (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.) ▪ You must directly cite sources in text as appropriate as well as in a works cited/bibliography.

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