How has this reading changed your view of California history?

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“Between Two Grizzly’s Paws”:

How did sexual politics shape the frontier and Indian experience in California?

What were the societal impacts of sexual violence and coercion on Indian communities?

How has this reading changed your view of California history?

“California Lost”:

How does the exploration of the ethnic conflicts that shaped our state’s history change your perspectives on California? What were defining characteristics of these early conflicts?

How did Californios resist Anglo-American power? Provide examples.

Zinn Chapter 8:

The chapter makes very clear that The United States maintained a positive moral image of itself with the way the Mexican American War was conducted. “We take nothing by conquest thank god,” was said of our gaining of massive amounts of territory. What were the realities of this purchase? Was purchasing the territory more ethical/moral than simply conquering it which was absolutely a possibility for the United States? Why did we not take more of Mexico or annex the country as a whole?

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