How do think social inequality impacts Canadian society?

Paper instructions

please use the Word file format, and follow APA 6th (or earlier) style guidelines.

Please use standard font (12 point) and double-spacing.

***Please avoid, at all costs, any hint of plagiarism. Remember, copying and pasting from anonymous sources on the internet is no different than taking from a scholarly journal without acknowledgement. See this link for why its not allowed and how it can be recognized:

Section A: Essay Question

Answer ONE of the three essay questions below in 1000 words:

1. How do think social inequality impacts Canadian society? What are the main drivers of inequality and how might we address them?

2. Explain the central thesis of The Vertical Mosaic. What does the contemporary vertical mosaic look like in Canada? How has it changed since Porter wrote his book in 1965?

3. What can we learn about Canadian society from a political economy perspective? What does political economy tell us about Canada’s place in the world?

Section B: Concepts

Define each concept in your own terms and explain why it is important for understanding the development of Canadian society. Each definition and discussion should be approx. 1/2 a page, double-spaced.


Middle-class image

Settler colonialism

Staples theory

Political economy

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