History of African Americans.

History of African Americans

Read the story link below

Autobiography of Rev. Thomas W. Henry, of the A.M.E. Church: Electronic Edition.

Henry Thomas W. 1794-1877


1) Write a 5-7 page summary of the narrative, focusing on the following themes:A) Name

B) Place of Birth

C) Place or places of enslavement

D) Work

E) Family

F) Master-Salve Relationship (How did they describe the relationship with the master?)

G) Religious Life

H) Resistance and Punishment

I) Emancipation

J) Other interesting aspects of their experience as a slave.

2) After writing the summary address the following questions.

a) What did you learn about this particular slavery experience?

b) How did your ideas about North American slavery change after reading the narrative?

C) What was the most interesting part of their story?

Be sure to cite information from the narrative. In the summary please do not simply copy information word for word. Tell their story. You can quote the author from time to time. However do not simply re-write their words.

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