Healthcare Leadership Philosophy Statement

Healthcare Leadership Philosophy Statement Candidates for healthcare leadership positions are frequently asked to articulate their leadership philosophies. Therefore, it’s essential that individuals who will be pursuing leadership positions in the future be prepared to provide thoughtful, well-crafted responses to such requests. This assignment will be invaluable as those in this course advance as healthcare leaders. Over the course of the semester, a broad diversity of topics pertaining to healthcare leadership will be explored. Reflections on course materials and discussions, as well as experiences as and/or observations of healthcare leaders, should serve as the bases for this assignment. 4 of 5In developing their Healthcare Leadership Philosophy Statements, students must, at minimum, address the following questions. What is leadership and how does it differ from management? What are the primary roles of leaders? What motivates individuals to undertake leadership positions? What obligations, if any, do leaders have to grow professionally? What is unique about leadership in healthcare versus other sectors? In addition, Healthcare Leadership Philosophy Statements must be: authentic to each student; composed in complete sentences and paragraphs (i.e., no bullets); and written in students’ own words (i.e., not contain quotations). Note: Students may not reuse verbiage from their Personal Leadership Elevator Speeches in their Healthcare Leadership Philosophy Statements. Our book that we used throughout our course are: Dye, C. F., & Garman, A. N. (2014). Exceptional leadership: 16 critical competencies for healthcare executives (2nd ed.). Chicago: Healthcare Administration Press. and Harari, O. (2002). The leadership secrets of Colin Powell. New York: McGraw-Hill.

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