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MUST SELECT AN ARTICLE FROM THE BUSINESS SECTION Download grading rubric and grading guideline Students will submit three health policy critiques during the semester. Each critique is 5% of your grade for a total of 15% or 15 points. The critiques will be presented in an electronic slide format (e.g., PowerPoint). The presentation will consist of a title slide, 3-4 presentation slides, and a references slide for a total of 6-7 slides. Students will summarize and analyze one current newspaper article (written in the semester year of the course). The article must relate to some aspect of health policy or health care issue that could influence health policy. One critique will use an article from the Business section of the newspaper (Topical outline will inform you when to select an article from the Business section). The article will be summarized and presented in electronic slide format (e.g. PowerPoint). The article posted must be cited in APA format (see APA Style Manual 7th edition for citing newspaper articles). The only reference used in the critique is the actual newspaper article.NURS 503 Policy Critique Rubric(2)

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