Hamlet character relationship

Write a 3-5 page paper in which you address the prompt below. Make sure to use MLA format and cite textual examples to support your claims. Prompt: How do authors use character relationships to develop theme in a story? After reading Hamlet,write an essay that explains how the relationship between Hamlet and another character illustrates an important theme in this tragedy. What conclusion or implications can you draw? Grading Criteria for Final Draft: 10 points- The thesis statement is well-written, clearly identifying the main argument and supporting points. 10 points- The paper is written in MLA format. This includes a proper header, pagination, double-spacing, Times New Roman font, in-text citations, and a Works Cited page with appropriate entries. 20 points- Your work should contain original and insightful information and add to the realm of academia on the subject. Do not summarize the text. 20 points- Your work should be written in scholarly language, avoiding grammatical, spelling, and capitalization errors, as well as colloquial language. Your paper should not use a first or second person narrative voice (avoid I, me, and you).

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