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World Population and Food Supply Geography

Assignment Step 1 Read: Folger, Tim. 2014. National Geographic: “The Next Green Revolution Stone GD. 2019. Commentary: New histories of the Indian Green Revolution. The Geographical Journal. 185:243–250.

Explore Navdanya Website (Organization founded by Vandana Shiva) Step 2 Write a one-two page essay response to these questions. Use 12-point font, single spacing, and 1-inch margins. a. In “The Next Green Revolution” (National Geographic), Tim Folger addresses some of the costs and benefits of genetic engineering. Contrast Folger’s arguments with the goals of the Navdanya movement. b. How do both approaches (genetic engineering and Navdanya) engage with climate change and population growth? In what ways are they similar? In what ways are they different? c. Which problems does Stone point to with regards to green revolution technology in India. d. How does this compare to Folger’s argumebcqnt about genetically engineered crops?

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