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The objective of this paper is to create the third part of a grant proposal. The previous two parts (attached here) were related to a program to provide therapies for stress relief to parents/caregivers of children with autism. The information about how the program will be run is fictitious which leaves a lot to creativity. The idea is to request a grant of up to 150 000 to a company that provides grants (any company, but not government companies), but to do so we have to explain in detail how the budget will be used, explain a “day in the life” of the project. The information about Autism Spectrum Disorder must be real, as well as whatever is talked about therapy styles. It is important for you to read the attachments Gezabel 1, and Gezabel 2 as they are the first parts of the assignment and everything should make sense. Please review the highlighted information as it was the feedback provided by the professor. Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time. Thank you for your help!Gezabel 2 GEZABEL 1 ASSIGNMENT 3(6)

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