Global oil stock management

Use the following information to create a set of recommendations.You or your group are members of the upper management team at ExxonMobil a large multinational corporation currently listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). (Hint: publically traded company) You report directly to the CEO and the board of directors.

Recently, an investor has purchased 5% of the outstanding stock in the company, and corporate rules this gives the investor the right to call a proxy vote for control of the company (the company takes this seriously). This investor is extremely concerned the company is importing and export goods in the same sector,particularly they are importing crude oil and exporting refined petroleum products.Why not just produce the finished products where the crude oil is located? There were legal reasons the company does not export crude oil; however, these rules have changed, and this investor is concerned the company is losing money. A consulting economist has given the management team tools to help management make their recommendation to the CEO.……

Your CEO has tasked you with writing a short response to the investor’s concerns about importing and exporting within the same industry. Note your response should include: the profit increasing nature of petroleum (finished products more profitable), security concerns, location of corporate structure (ie USA company wants dollar profits, European company want euro profits), location of the specialized equipment and cost of new equipment.


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