Global health,

Select one of the articles you were provided with for this week and write a brief summary of the main ideas presented (200 words). apa format, list 2 references

this is the article you are to summarize…

A summary is a concise paraphrase of all the main ideas in an essay or article. See more information on summarizing in these links,
Following the summary of the article you selected formulate an open-ended question that would generate a discussion on the topics covered this week. The questions should lead discussions and not answered in a yes or no format. Your classmates will a short response essay to your question.
Here are examples of open ended questions from the Module 1 Readings:

As a health provider, physician, nurse how can learning (reading/writing) narratives influence their work in providing health care?
What is the significance of narrative medicine?
How long should a health provider spend with a patient to listen to their stories. Explain your response
How does narrative medicine affect the sick, or people with health issues?

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