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Begin essay with a brief discussion on YOUR views of “what is culture” – How would you define the term? (please avoid referring to dictionary and other references in your essay, this should be YOUR thoughts. For the rest of the essay think about the fact that family (however you may define the term in regards to who is and who is not included) is such a huge part of creating culture, regardless of the country, race, or ethnicity one is referring to. Consider and answer the following questions in the rest of the essay: How does family create/represent culture in the lives of their loved ones? What happens when a person dislikes or disagrees with his/her family’s cultural beliefs? Only use personal examples very briefly but you must use specific examples from poem and stories ( Everyday use by Alice walker , Two Kinds by Amy Tan & Heritage by Linda Hogan. Use at least 2 quotes/references from the poem/stories in your essay. The first paragraph of the essay will be your answer to “what is Culture” and the rest of the essay will be your answers to the other two questions. The intro will be the answer to “what is culture”, the body the answer of the questions. Dont make this an autobiography, give your views on the questions. everyday_use_full-text(3)

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