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The SPSS file* attached below (“anova factorial assignment.sav”), includes data from a study where 3 teachers each taught web-based courses in synchronous and asynchronous formats. They taught each course 5 times. Thus, this is a 3 X 2 design (3 teachers X 2 formats). A factorial analysis of variance was run with teacher and format as the independent variables and their students’ average examination scores in each class as your dependent variable. After examining the output from the file “anova factorial assignment results.doc” below, please answer the following questions: 1. What might be a research question based on this data? 2. What are the null hypotheses? 3. Was the assumption of normality met? Was the assumption of homogeneity of variance met? 4. What were the values of the F statistic? Which were statistically significant based on alpha < 0.05? 5. What did the post-hoc test(s) indicate? 6. What would you conclude based on the results of the F test and the post-hoc test(s)? *If you like, you may conduct the analyses yourself using SPSS, but it is not necessary or required to complete the assignment.anova factorial assignment results factorial ANOVA assignment

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