exploratory summary data analysis Project

Goals Conduct exploratory summary data analysis Create two visualizations of your data. Address what the exploratory data analysis suggests about your research question. Format Submit a typed and single-spaced document with your name and student number at the top and with an appropriate title. Also attached a file containing your updated data set in spreadsheet format, if necessary, or send it to me in an email. Your document should contain the following four components, each as a separate section with its own heading. 1. Data Update. Write a few sentences describing any data clean up you’ve done from the original data source, and provide me with an updated data source file if necessary. 2. Summary Data Analysis. Think about what conditions you might need to check for your analysis or what summaries of the data might be useful for answering your question. Write a summary of the basic numerical descriptive statistics of your data (i.e. an appropriate measure of center, spread, variation, and/or frequencies), then include a description of how found these values, why you selected the measure of center that you did (2-3 sentences). 3. Visualization of the Data. Create two different visualizations of your data using technology, making sure they are clear and fit to be displayed in your research poster. Each graph should have a title, be fully labeled, and have a brief description (2-3 sentences) describing the key pattern or finding that the graph is showing. Your graph must clearly and efficiently convey the message of that key finding to a viewer. 4. Conclusion and Scope of Inference. Write a short conclusion about what you think these summary statistics might suggest about your research question. Then address the following question (3-4 sentences) Do you think your data be used to establish causal links and/or can your findings be generalized to the population at large? You must think carefully about this question and must cite at least one reputable source in your response. Your response should reference the sample size, the population itself, and could include numerical tests, but does not have to. GRADING Format (5 points) Spelling and clarity (5 points) References (APA format) (5 points) Data Update (5 points) – Clear description of data updates, and the file is provided Summary Data Analysis (15 points) – Summary statistics are accurate, descriptions are present and insightful, the appropriate measure of center is calculated. Visualizations of the data (25 points) – Graphs are appropriate, unbiased, accurate, complete, and suitable for inclusion in a professional document/poster. They are not missing labels, they are scaled correctly, and they accurately convey an aspect of the data that is relevant to the research question. Conclusion and Scope of Inference (15 points) – The answer is clear and displays logically sound reasoning, addresses criteria, and the source is reputable.

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