Explain to what extent do these images support Steel’s idea of victimization.

On Being Black and Middle Class

Write a response paper based on an assigned reading and writing prompt. Your response paper must be 500 words and in MLA format (see attached link MLA formatting and documentation guidelines: https://daytonastate.edu/cwc/files/Codex-MLA8.pdf).

The introduction of your response should contain the name of the work being summarized, the author, and the general situation surrounding the text to help contextualize what will follow. The body of your response should make a claim about an aspect of the text that you find interesting and worthy of discussion. Additionally, the body of your response must include support for your claims in the form quotations. Follow closely the work you are responding to and cite an occasional word, phrase, or passage from the text to give your reader a taste of the author’s argument. Your response should begin to draw conclusions, possibly explaining how your understanding of the text is important in a broader context. YOU should ONLY reference the assigned text to support their claims.

Assigned Prompt:
Read “On Being Black and Middle Class” by Shelby Steele: 50e-steele-being-black-and-middle-class-essay-text.pdf

Central to Steel’s argument here is the idea of “victimization.” What does this term mean for Steele, both explicitly and implicitly? How does his use of the term affect his argument? Consider current images of African Americans and explain to what extent do these images support Steel’s idea of victimization. Think of other terms to substitute that might be used to counter his argument. Explain your position and support your position with evidence from Steele’s text ONLY.

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