Explain the process you would use to develop a plan to address the immediate HR issues.


In this part of the assessment, you are required to answer a set of five questions which include a demonstration of skill and a PowerPoint presentation.

You are to ensure that all elements of the task are addressed.


The following information was published on the website for Bluescope Steel Limited

ABN 16 ooo 011 058 www.bluescope.com

We are a multinational business with a multicultural workforce

At Bluescope, our success comes from our people. We choose to treat each other with trust and respect.

We understand that the range of perspectives that result from having a diverse and inclusive workplace will strengthen BlueScope’s capability for continued and sustained business success.

We know that a talented and capable workforce is a competitive advantage.

To build on this advantage we will strive to hire, develop, promote and retain the most qualified people available at all levels – people who reflect the diversity of our customers, markets and the communities in which we operate. This is Our Diversity Commitment.

On their website you can download BlueScope’s Diversity Policy.

From their website you can also view and download BlueScope’s Workplace Profile 2017-2018 (Australia).

See examples of diversity at Bluescope in their 2016 Bluescope People Report, or download a copy through the link below.

There are also some examples of diversity at work at Bluescope on their website.

Sourced 12/10/2016 from


Part C – Tasks

You have assumed the role of the company’s newly appointed HR manager for Bluescope Steel. You have been asked by the CEO to undertake the following tasks.

Part C – Task 1

Undertake background research into labour trends in the manufacturing industry in Australia. In order to place the current issues in perspective, write brief report for Bluescope Steel’s management on what these trends may mean for the short and medium term in planning their workforce needs. Identify any Government policies or industrial relations issues that may either assist or hinder the business, particularly in the supply and demand for labour. Ensure you cite your sources of information.

Note: Check the Student Resources file to find links to current government research and policies.

Part C – Task 2

Explain the process you would use to develop a plan to address the immediate HR issues.

Part C – Task 3

Assume that at one time Bluescope Steel’s had been an employer of choice in their industry and had no trouble attracting talent, but you have found that staff turnover is increasing and there are rising levels of dissatisfaction about pay and other matters.

In terms of retention, assume that your research has indicated that all current employees are receiving the industry average wage packet. More talented employees have not been paid above the industry average and almost 50% of employees noted that they did not see themselves working at Bluescope Steel’s for more than 12 months. Also assume that the research shows members of staff indicated their main discontent is lack of recognition and professional development, and the female workers almost universally expressed concern at what they felt was gender discrimination in access to promotional opportunities.

Develop and write proposal for management to consider that summarises the situation and addresses the problems identified above. Make recommendations on how the company can overcome the problems and return to it status of being an employer of choice.

Part C – Task 4

Assume that after receiving your reports and recommendations on the current situation the CEO has met with you, endorsed your proposal, but explained the companies long- term forecasts/ strategies and has advised you, in confidence, that more changes are likely to follow which will likely result in redundancies. In this regard he/she wants you to talk about your report at the next management meeting, but also make a presentation on change management as it would relate to your recommendations and future changes that are likely to impact on the employment and security of employees.

Prepare PowerPoint presentation (no more than 5-6 slides) on how the business and the management team in particular need to manage these future changes. Importantly you also need to show how you propose to evaluate the effectiveness of the change. The CEO wants you to explain how you intend to survey the climate of the organisation after the changes to gauge employee satisfaction levels.

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