Explain effects of an open economy on monetary and fiscal policy

Students, first, pick one of the following: explain two effects of an open economy on monetary and fiscal policy, or evaluate the role banks play in world financial markets. Describe two problems with banks as international lenders associated with international debt.


•    The writer must be specialized in economics or has written many papers in economics.
•    Two-pages work (excluding the title and references pages).
•    Provide references to support the work (at least 2 journals and/or advanced scholarly articles)
•    Select current research articles published within the last five years on the topic.
•    Use in-text citation.
•    APA style to be used for in-text citation and references.
•    The work must be free of Plagiarism.
•    A paragraph must be not less than three sentences.
•    No direct internet websites are allowed to be used as a reference.
•    Articles used to be provided to me in PDF files or in worst case the direct links.
•    This is for MBA level (International Economics course), hence high quality work is required.

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