Explain Conger’s model and its application to persuasive business messages.

Memorandum on Internship Program

BUS303 Business Communication Module 2 Persuasion

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain Conger’s model and its application to persuasive business messages.
  • Compose well-formed memos.
  • Describe how Cialdini’s “six weapons of influence” affect persuasion.

Persuasive Communication

Please complete the following:

A persuasive memo that incorporates the persuasive models of Conger, Cialidini and other persuasive communication principles from the background reading.

Please pay particular focus to the principles outlined by Cialdini (n.d.), Conger (1991), and Beason (2001). The Purdue OWL site (2013) and Sant (2012) readings also offer effective strategies to use in your persuasive memos.

You are the Vice President of Operations at a company who is tasked with researching and determining if your company should offer an internship program. Your boss, Daymond John, asks for a memo with your findings and suggestions about implementing an internship program at the company, due first thing Monday morning.

Proponents of the internship program at your company believe the program can be a win-win for the company and the intern. They believe the program can attract a lot of young talent from the region; the company can use the extra help; interns will gain valuable work experience; and the company can save money on manpower, among other reasons.

Opponents at your company believe that finding work for interns to complete, the supervision they require, and the time associated with training them will drain the organization of time that can be better spent somewhere else. There is also no certainty that this program will benefit the intern. Opponents are also concerned with the company violating labor laws that may impact the program, among other concerns.

Write a persuasive memo to Daymond John, your close colleague and direct supervisor. Use the persuasive techniques from the background reading to explain to him the issues and make a suggestion on whether or not the company should pursue an internship program. Use the Internet to further research the topic, and learn what seven requirements help the government determine whether an intern is a paid employee. Use persuasive strategies you have studied to clearly and concisely explain your position on the issue.

1This is a fictitious case.

Assignment Expectations

In your memo, you are expected to apply the persuasion concepts to demonstrate your ability to craft an effective persuasive memo. Please use proper English. Sentences must be properly constructed and free of grammatical and typographical errors. No citations are needed in the memo.

Case General Expectations

In the Case Assignments, students will assume the role of a Manager in Employee Communications at a large service firm, such as a bank, or an advertising or consulting firm. Students will assume this role throughout the Case Assignments and be challenged with different scenarios, requiring written and verbal communication.

Formal citations and a bibliography are required unless otherwise stated.

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