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Lab Report Guidelines For the lab report, you will setup and perform designated 2 experiments. One will demonstrate diffusion, and the other will demonstrate osmosis. Based on the 2 experiments, you will prepare one lab report with experiments on Diffusion and Osmosis. See the experiment instructions provided. Be sure to follow these guidelines for your report. 1. A minimum of 2 references is required. – Credible websites, periodicals, books, newspapers, and journals to compliment your data may be used. 2. PLAGIARIZED PAPERS WILL AUTOMATICALLY RECEIVE A ZERO. NO COPYING and PASTING from websites! 3. Each section in the lap report must be properly labeled as Introduction, Materials & Methods…etc. 4. The length of the total lab report is a minimum of 7 pages –double spaced. See the lab report section instructions on the next page. 5. You may only use Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri 12 pt font. 6. The margins for each page should NOT be greater than 1 inch. 7. The report and each section MUST be organized in the following order. a. Title page b. Introduction c. Materials & Methods d. Results e. Discussions & Conclusions f. Works Cited 8. Each lab report section should follow the “Lab Report Section Instructions.” See the following page. 9. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation should be used correctly and consistently. Lab Report Section Instructions TITLE PAGE (1 page): Include the lab report title, class name, your name, and due date INTRODUCTION (1 FULL page min.): NO PICTURES • Introduce the topic of the experiment with sufficient background to show your clear understanding of the main topics in the lab exercise. • Background discussion(s) MUST include the following topics: diffusion, osmosis, selective permeability, cell membrane, tonicity, hypotonic, hypertonic, and isotonic solutions, etc. • For your hypothesis, state what you predict the outcome of each experiment will be and why you think so. MATERIALS AND METHODS (1-2 full pages): NO PICTURES in this section. First, list all materials used through each entire experiment Then, describe all procedures as they were performed (refer to instructions in the powerpoint). DO NOT copy and paste form my document. List the procedures with bullets or numbers. RESULTS: (2 pages min) • Include your pictures AND a graph or table displaying the results (time values, observations, & measured lengths) w • For each image, table, or graph, explain clearly, in sentence form, what the images or graphs are showing. Doing this provides a necessary description. DISCUSSION & CONCLUSIONS: (3/4 page min) • Summarize your results. • Explain why the solutions and materials used in the experiments are suitable. • Discuss whether or not the outcome is as predicted – the results support or refute your hypothesis • If it supports your hypothesis, how closely does it match – are there other factors involved • If not, why? What other factors might be involved? • Indicate the significance of this study (why should we study osmosis and diffusion) WORKS CITIED: (1 page) • Cite all references. The reference should include the author(s) name or initials, year of publication, journal or source, specific volume, and the pages.Lab Report Guide lines(2)

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