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This paper involves a write-up of your assessment of, and reactions to Carr’s book, The Glass Cage: Automation and Us. You should develop a clear, concise 4 to 5-page essay discussing each of the following: 1. Your general reaction to the book. Would you describe the book as interesting, challenging, boring, enlightening, uninformative, simplistic, some combination of the above, or in some other way? Most importantly, be sure to explain why you take the position you do. It is not enough to say simply that the book is interesting, or the book is boring. (This part of the paper should be relatively brief – a couple of paragraphs at most) 2. How the book has contributed to your understanding of automation technology’s impact on how we experience the work process Carr discusses numerous ways in which the new computerized automation technologies have affected us as workers doing work. Identify and discuss TWO (2) key points you learned about how technology is changing the work process and how we experience it. Some summary of the author’s points is necessary, but you should focus on discussing these points, not merely summarizing them. In other words, use these points as a departure point, a springboard to discuss and elaborate the issues raised. Do you agree with his conclusions? 3. Ethical ramifications of automation technology Carr discusses several specific instance where automation technology will challenge us ethically in ways that are larger and go beyond impacts on the work process. Identify and discuss TWO (2) of these ethical quandaries and indicate briefly how you might resolve them. 4. Perhaps the biggest impact of automation In the final chapter, Carr analyzes a poem by Frost, and states, “While we’re wrestling with a challenge, we may be motivated by an anticipation of the ends of our labor, but, as Frost saw, it’s the work — the means — that makes us who we are.” Explain what he means by this, and discuss Carr’s view that this may be potentially the biggest problem automation technology represents. Discuss your thoughts and reflections in light of having read this book. Make sure to wrap up your paper with some sort of conclusion, don’t just end it abruptly. the glass cageautomation and us by nicholas carr

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